Robert Lally grew up in Salford, Greater Manchester and now has a studio in the area where he produces his popular mosaic artwork.

He started producing mosaics for many years, producing over 100 pieces. Rob's mosaics are often Inspired by a variety of sources, including international icons and much wider cultural references including the glamour and style of the great Hollywood eras and the musical icons of pop culture.

Rob takes great personal pride in every picture he creates, and with every work his goal is to produce a piece of art of the very highest aesthetic quality. His work speaks for itself and each commission carries a personal commitment to meet and exceed the client's expectations. The resulting artwork is something to treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

The Process

Rob's commissioned artwork will start with an enquiry from someone who has seen his work displayed, or enjoyed browsing the gallery on his website.

Clients will present a photo, or series of photos, from which Rob will discuss with them the best ideas for a final layout.

He will then source tiles from his supplier The Branded Tile Company, which will be hand-shaped for use in the artwork, with colours specially chosen to suit the subject matter.

Each project is generally worked on from start to finish, with no new projects started during that period. Average project time is 4-6 weeks.

His final ceramic mosaic artwork pieces can often be seen hanging in venues such as David Lloyd Leisure Centres, The National Football MuseumPuccini's in Ashton, Nottingham Forest FC and The Marriot Hotel in Worsley.